It’s been couple days since we took the $STY airdrop snapshot so now it is time to delve into the details of the token, buckle up and let’s go over some of the key features.

$STY is Farmable 👩‍🌾

There will only ever be 10K STY, yep that’s right there will be no more…and there will be much much less 👇, 85% of the supply must be farmed! (7.5% of supply will be airdropped to the community, 12.5% is reserved for the team and 1% will be used to provide initial liquidity on Uniswap 🦄)

Uniswap Pools as follows:

YNK/ETH (2x Multiplier bonus for first 3 days)

STY/ETH (4x Multiplier bonus for first 3 days)

$STY is Deflationary 📉

1% of STY will be burned on every transaction, there will only ever be 10K STY.. but there will never be 10K STY.. due to the deflationary mechanics. 🔥

$STY is Unique 🦄

This is where our special Yoinkonomics come into play. Farming and deflationary style tokens are all the rage at the moment so we added some secret Yoink-style spice to the recipe! 👨‍🍳

Notorious P.I.G.

You may recognise this ominous character from the airdrop article, this is the Notorious P.I.G. He is the Chief Executive Omnivore who operates the Pigsty Farm. A high school drop out considered a fool by many, he came up through the troughs, the hard way. He is a real pig who hustles hard, wears his heart on his pin stripe suit and leaves it all on the blockchain.

Piggie Smalls knows that to separate the weak from the obsolete, you gotta stay ahead of the pack and hustle hard to stack dem $STY’s.

Notorious and his pig crew store their STY in the Piggy Vault and he is very particular about maintaining its contents. In order to ensure all the pigs in the Pigsty are saving STY he will deduct 2% STY on every transfer and add it to the Piggy Vault.

The Piggy Vault 💰

The vault is much like the Yoink Piggy Bank, but with some additional levels of security; think of it like adding 2FA to your Binance account.

Now here is the important part if the Piggy Vault balance drops👇

🐽 If the vault balance drops below 1.5% of the circulating supply* the vault fee shall increase to 4%.

🐽 If the balance drops below 1.25% the vault fee shall increase to 6%.

🐽 If the vault balance drops to 1% or less the vault fee shall increase to 8%.

These rules shall be enforced after the 10K supply of STY has been farmed.

*Circulating supply is calculated as 10K total minus total of all burns.

Notorious is firm, but fair. As long as the pigs do not Yoink too much STY from the vault there will no fee increases, but if greed overcomes them he will not be pleased and shall act accordingly. 😈

Master Yoinker, how to Yoink the Vault? 🐷

There are two criteria for accessing and yoinking the Piggy Vault:

  1. You must hold a minimum balance of 20 STY and 50K YNK.
  2. ⛔️ You’re just gonna have to wait a little more to find out… 😉

We will reveal the exact method of access during farming, please stay tuned to our socials! 🙌

When does the Farming Begin? ⌛️

The Pigsty is open for business now! Bring your YNK and we will see you there! 🐷

Yoink, courtesy of Homer

Head on over to to get involved 👩‍🌾

If ya don’t know…now you know… Pigga!

Contracts available for review as follows:

👨‍🍳 PigstyChef

🐖 Buy Pigsty on Uniswap

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Yoink is a simple yet elegant protocol encompassing deflationary characteristics, with a sneaky little twist. Anyone can participate and get Yoinked!

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