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Attention fellow friends, pigs, hogs and wider brethren of the Yoink Army, it’s time to don your best meme making gear and get to work.

We bring forth the inaugural Yoink Meme contest. You gotta bring your A game in order to be in with a chance of bagging some fresh YNK! 💰

It’s been couple days since we took the $STY airdrop snapshot so now it is time to delve into the details of the token, buckle up and let’s go over some of the key features.

$STY is Farmable 👩‍🌾

There will only ever be 10K STY, yep that’s right there will be no more…and there will be much much less 👇, 85% of the supply must be farmed! (7.5% of supply will be airdropped to the community, 12.5% is reserved for the team and 1% will be used to provide initial liquidity on Uniswap 🦄)

Uniswap Pools as follows:


Good day fellow Yoinkers, we wanted to check in with you now that we are live with the Chainlink VRF integration. We are extremely pleased with the reception that this got from the community and we really hope it is proving to the wider crypto community that the Yoink team is in it for the long haul and we are so excited to have you guys along for the journey! 💪

The Yourney So Far! 🗺

It has been a crazy month or so since we launched Yoink and we have been extremely busy delivering what we set out in our initial roadmap, we are…

Yoink now harnessing the power of Chainlink VRF to Select Daily Winners!

Howdy fellow Yoinkers! 🐷 We are extremely proud to share that we have integrated Chainlink’s newly launched VRF (Verifiable Random Function) as part of our daily Yoinking process in order to provide a fully transparent, on-chain, and first of its kind solution to the problem of generating secure, provably fair randomness in our daily draw.

It is extremely important to the Yoink team that we can be completely candid on-chain in how the daily prize winner is selected. …

YOINK is the first ICO ever to use Unstoppable Domains for secure transactions. What does it mean for YOINK investors? No more worrying about sending your ETH to the wrong address! All you need to know is the YOINK blockchain domain which will be announced with the pre-sale information. Simplicity + Security!


YOINK is a simple yet elegant protocol encompassing deflationary characteristics with a sneaky little twist. Website: Telegram:

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