✈️ Airdrop incoming! ✈️

Good day fellow Yoinkers, we wanted to check in with you now that we are live with the Chainlink VRF integration. We are extremely pleased with the reception that this got from the community and we really hope it is proving to the wider crypto community that the Yoink team is in it for the long haul and we are so excited to have you guys along for the journey! 💪

The Yourney So Far! 🗺

It has been a crazy month or so since we launched Yoink and we have been extremely busy delivering what we set out in our initial roadmap, we are very proud of the achievements so far and to highlight just a few:

🐽 Listed on all major crypto tracking sites ✅

🐽 Launched the Yoinking function ✅

🐽 Deployed several iterations of the dashboard ✅

🐽 Launched Yoinklab ✅

🐽 Chainlink VRF integration ✅

So Master Yoinker, what is next?

You will have to wait to find out, but what we can tell you is our Top 500 piggies will get their dirty trotters airdop $STY very soon! We will be taking a snapshot of the top 500 YNK balances in the coming days (18th November 18th 12:00 UTC to 22nd November 12:00 UTC), the top 250 YNK holders shall receive a 2x Multiplier on the Airdop!

The exact time and date the snap will be taken is top secret so please ensure you wallet is prepared! 👨‍🚀

So that’s it for now, please ensure your wallets are ready as we move into the next phase of the Yoink Ecosystem, deflationary Yoink-style farming is almost upon us, get ready to join us in the Pigsty!

For more information:

Website | Dashboard |Uniswap | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | Announcements

YOINK is a simple yet elegant protocol encompassing deflationary characteristics with a sneaky little twist. Website: yoink.rocks Telegram: t.me/yoinkofficial